Can I Give Myself A Brazilian Wax?

Can I Give Myself A Brazilian Wax?

Getting Brazilian wax done by a licensed professional might seem daunting, not to mention the idea of giving yourself one. It is a delicate process that requires patience and insightful knowledge about the pain and risks involved. Knowledge about how to minimize the side effects of waxing such a delicate part of the body is also essential. Is it possible to give yourself Brazilian wax? Yes, but only if you know what you’re doing. Professionals do not recommend DIY Brazilian waxing due to the possibility of costly mistakes that might happen during the process, mistakes like burning yourself. You should only get a DIY Brazilian wax kit if you have gone to at least one session at a beauty salon, where you have been educated about the proper techniques of heating the wax and testing if it is safe to apply on sensitive skin. Make sure you purchase hard wax for this procedure because it is the best type to use on sensitive areas, especially for first-time DIY home treatment. Hard wax sticks only to your hair and not your skin, unlike soft wax that sticks to both. Proper preparation is essential if you want to perform waxing treatment on yourself, and here are some tips that might help make your experience less unpleasant.


Buying The Right Type of Kit

Brazilian wax is generally a painful ordeal, even if it is done correctly by a professional. As a DIY, burning yourself with melted wax or hurting yourself by buying the wrong type of wax kit and accessories is straightforward. Since there are multiple bikini wax products online, you should buy one with “Hard wax” and “Brazilian” written. These kits will contain instructions on heating the wax and the proper application procedures. Reading instructions may sound boring, but reducing the risk of burning yourself is necessary. Kits might include a warmer, wax, applicator sticks, pre-wax exfoliating oil, and post-wax cooling oil. 여자 브라질리언 왁싱 


A Brazilian waxing kit will be the leading equipment for your DIY wax session, but there are some additional items you will need to prepare for your treatment. You might have to purchase some items that will help with the procedure if you do not have them already. Here is a list of items you will need to complement your Brazilian wax kit. 


ᅬ Astringent LotionMesh Body Exfoliator Scrub Lotion

These are great to use on your bikini region after showering and before you begin waxing. They help to free some trapped ingrown hairs, and consequently, they allow more hair to be plucked by the wax.


ᅬ You might not be comfortable going entirely bare in front of a stranger 

ᄋ You are just a daredevil at heart, ready to take up any challenge. 

Whatever the reason, this is a step-by-step guide collected from women who regularly perform their Brazilians themselves. 


Your Brazilian waxing session starts by taking a shower and exfoliating down there. You should find a comfortable position where you can monitor yourself. Standing and placing one of your feet on a bathtub or a stool is an excellent pose to work on your bikini line and bum. A mirror will help you better understand what you are doing. You can try multiple poses to know the one you are most comfortable with. After you have confirmed that you can see and reach all the areas you are planning to wax, you have to heat the wax for the exact time specified in the instructions and keep a lookout for a consistency that resembles the thickness of honey. Make sure the wax is not watery. You can check its temperature by applying some on your arm before entering the business. 


Once you feel that the wax is at the right temperature and consistency, apply it to your inner thighs with applicator sticks. Apply it in small sections until it is as thick as a coin, and make sure that the end of the wax, the part you are planning to pull, is on top of smooth skin with no hair. Then, you wait until the wax stops being sticky and starts tugging. Pull the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth for the best results. You will have to switch directions for your inner thighs, pulling back and forth. Generally, hair grows downwards to protect the reproductive organs, so you must pull it upwards towards yourself when you get near your nether region. When you get to your bum, you should switch pulling directions. Make sure to take deep breaths before you pull the wax off your skin. 


After your session

After your wax session, the skin around your bikini area is left soft and tender. You might see some redness around waxed areas. Ensure you follow the waxing kit’s instructions and apply post-wax products that came with the kit accordingly. Put on clean cotton underwear and loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Do not exercise after your session; avoid clothes that might rub against your still tender skin harshly. If you notice swelling, you can apply witch hazel or Aloe Vera, which are great anti-inflammatory agents that help reduce the swelling.