Starting A Beauty Salon Business

Starting A Beauty Salon Business

Some business opportunities will almost always make money for a shrewd operator. Based on my experience, a well-run beauty salon is one of these businesses.

This business lives or dies by the quality of people who work in the salon, and the national chains have a slight advantage over somebody who wants to start a salon by themselves. This is because the cost of the products used in the beauty treatments is minimal, and therefore, they do not benefit significantly from their buying power.

The main cost of running a beauty salon includes rent, rates, and labor; therefore, you can compete with the big boys on an equal footing. Recently I have been writing blogs and articles about the types of businesses to avoid! This is not one of them.

One can attend many different types of courses to learn about the beauty trade; some are very good. Without learning new skills and educating yourself before opening, you might as well not bother. It is probably a good idea to work in a busy salon first to learn the ropes before starting your own.

Most people starting for the first time will not have established clients and therefore rely purely on passing trade. This is why getting a location with a lot of foot trade and decent parking nearby is essential.

Kitting the salon properly from day one will make the difference between success and failure. People do not mind spending a little extra if they feel they are being pampered in a friendly, luxurious & comfortable environment. I think many women go to a beauty salon for a treat or relaxation as much as the actual beauty treatment.

The store layout should allow everybody to move around quickly, and each chair should have all the supplies within easy reach, minimizing time wasted looking for essential products or equipment. Having proper equipment allocated to each chair is essential.

A busy salon will need a diary system for booking clients and somewhere handy for them to sit while waiting for their treatment. The waiting area must also be well fitted and stocked with the latest fashion and women’s magazines.

Many small bookkeeping packages can make life easier. Still, I would always advise somebody starting in business for the first time to outsource this entirely to a competent bookkeeper, leaving you completely free to focus on growing your business.

Marketing a beauty salon if you have chosen the right location is very simple. You can distribute leaflets offering half-price treatments to your local area. Speak to shops around you and offer the owner free treatment in return for them allowing you to stick a poster in their window.

Build loyalty and get your customers to come back by offering them money or vouchers at the end of the treatment. Make sure that these do not offer a discount on their regular treatment but rather persuade them to try something else next time they visit.

Stay away from newspapers or radio unless you have a big budget and are willing to repeat the advert at least a dozen times. Research has shown that people need to view/listen to your adverts several times before it sinks in, and most of your budget will be wasted on people not in your catchment area.

This is a vast topic, and I can not cover all treatments and the legal aspects involved, so getting professional advice is necessary before opening. Many books have been written about the subject, and there is a wealth of free advice on the internet.

Pamper your clients, make them feel special, and keep coming back.